Aquatic Excellence is a design and consulting firm created to serve client’s needs for aquatics expertise.   Richard C Scott  has over 30 years experience in the design and construction of aquatic centers.  It is our goal to provide the very best service possible, in part by limiting the volume of our workload.  In this way you will be assured that your project is very important to us and  will receive all the attention that it deserves. 

We provide leading edge technology in pool design, building design, filtration, sanitation, UV treatment, gutter profiles, pool construction, and low cost pool enclosures.  We specify the equipment choices that are bet suited for the owner’s needs on each project.

We are pro-active with our communication to ensure that the owner is involved where they need to be.  That is why we lay out the choices in detail so that an informed decision can be made.  We are independent of industry manufacturers ensuring you will not be guided toward proprietary specifications and increased cost.   Our focus is on what you, the owner, want.

For existing pools, Aquatic Excellence offers a facilities inspection for renovation analysis; and we have our Special Water and Air quality Team that can evaluate your existing facility to improve water and air quality to help make it more comfortable for it’s users.  And incorporating our Utilitrack system will track real time energy use, to help your facility to run more efficiently and save you money.


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